What rhymes with Elodie?

What rhymes with Elodie?

It’s not a difficult question: what rhymes with Elodie. Right, melody. Instead of studying, I did something different.

Maiden Voyage

I had to study
Oh, the tragedy
The books kept accusing me
Since my vibrator was out of batteries
and there were no more pages in all of my diaries
I needed something to focus on
So I clicked on the icon
that was sitting there in my desktop
An for more than sixty minutes, I was doing it nonstop

Be gentle with me
You see
I am still a virgin and this was my first voyage
Yes, there was some damage
on this voyage
There were flaws and errors, certainly
You see
this was my maiden voyage and it was this night
There’s no need to argue, no need to fight
If it’s bad,
I won’t be sad
I’ll do something else instead
Perhaps porno
Or perhaps just another Amaretto…
I don’t know


So, here it is… the result.


Or check it out on SoundCloud:


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