In the end it’s just one big turnoff…


You can't say no
Follow me, we must go
On the narrow path through the forest
Yes, yes I'll do my best
It's true
Of course I will protect you
Yes, yes, I'll do my best
Really, I know you don't like the dark
I remember that night in the park
Although it was just in the city
You excused yourself for this stupidity
You said you were scared in the dark
Well, this time it's not the park
We walk into the forest
I know about your lust
It's stronger than your fear of darkness
You're such a bad actress
That's why you walk with me
And you can only agree
the pond looks lovely in the moonlight
We fake a fight
Clothes fall down, one by one
It will be so much fun
Swimming in the pond naked
At this time, we won't be disturbed
We have all the time to enjoy our bodies
Yup, a great way to lose calories!

I will push you beyond the boundaries of sanity
with all my ability
Till you beg me to stop
Yup, I'll treat you as my personal lollipop
It's fine, you can devour me too
Most certainly, that's what you must do!
Take me to the hilltop
Don't stop
Don't you fucking stop!
Make me yours
Give your girl what she adores!
More, more, more!
All the things I adore
and even more!
In return I'll be your little whore
During this clash
I will even talk trash
I know you like it that way
That's what you've been telling all day
You want me to describe my emotions
I will talk about my addictions
BTW, you're one of them!
Yes, it will be mayhem
When I finally tell you about my orgasm
Don't stop until my last spasm

Great, but what a turnoff
It's the moment when my alarm clock goes off...

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