Her therapist recommended she would join the therapy group. Therapy for sex addicts it was. That didn’t go well, or did it?

Therapy for sex addicts

Her therapist recommended group therapy
That didn't work, clearly

All this talk about sex
wasn't that flex
She was actually quite upset
when the girl spoke and her words made
her soaking wet

She listened to the girl talk
How could she even walk?
This girl masturbated seventeen times that day
Right there and then, she melted away

She blew smoke in the girl's face after the session
The girl then asked  a question
how she was to cope with all the stress
without her fingers underneath her dress

Yes, they had sex that night
She just thought it was quite alright
The next week the girl told everyone it was grand
She didn't understand
Yes, it was good
Don't be misunderstood

Another girl listened with red cheeks
about the story with only peaks
The therapist said it was time for a break
Big mistake

During this break she had the other one in the toilet
She completely lost her head
By the time they got back the session ended
Yet, she didn't feel completed

She went home with two other girls
She ate their pearls

Okay, she did everyone in the assemble
Even the ones who thought they were so straight
She made them tremble
Let's just say, she gave them an update
or an upgrade
Sheplayed and she played
Just like a record on repeat
These sessions were the same as all you can eat
at a restaurant
Then she told her therapist nonchalant
this therapy
wasn't working, clearly

She still had these thoughts, these urges
And the only choices
she could make were limited to
where and when to do

It's not that she couldn't say no
But saying no, was no way to go
She didn't want to say no
Well, hello,
who can't say no
to a warm mouth down below?!

Therapy for sex addicts

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