Yep, the weather forecast predicts rainfall…

The weather forecast predicts rainfall

The mushrooms made me see
there was no other way
In away, these mushrooms set me free
These thoughts would only go away
if I started to touch her in the elevator
Her reaction: "Oh God, yes!"
Was there anything greater
then her encouragement when I lifted her dress

Floor number seven
She was on her way to heaven
When we reached floor eleven
it was hard for her not to cry
When we reached floor number fourteen
she changed from Straight Ally
to somewhat gay and In between
floor number sixteen
and seventeen
she called me her queen

By the time we reached floor number twenty
she was completely ready
But it all ended abruptly
when the elevator stopped and I thought are we there already?

We weren't, someone pushed the button
and saw the two of us
We quickly got out, but with legs like gelatin
it was hard for her, plus
she was so close she wanted me to go on
So I did her against the balustrade
Luckily, no one saw us
She tasted sweeter than lemonade
when I went down on her with all my aggressiveness

I thanked the mushrooms afterwards
Then I thanked the birds
Also I said hello the morning sky
But why
didn't I thank her at all?

The weather forecast predicts rainfall....
 the weather forecast predicts rainfall...

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