The motivation wasn’t boring for some of us..

The motivation

Within minutes I just knew it
She wasn't just talking shit
I hated her
It felt like she was this bulldozer
on her way to demolish something

She stood there doing her best
to motivate, because that was her quest
I was trying to resist sleep
I was almost counting sheep

Then I looked to the right
Right next to mesat my ex
This morning we had a fight
after our portion of morning sex

That look her eyes, I knew what it was all about
She wanted to eat out
So, after the motivational session was done
I saw that she was gone
So was our motivator
A few moments later
I went to the restroom and I could hear a familiar voice:
"Oh God, Joyce!
Now this motivation!"
Her voice died in some damnation

As I heard enough, I walked away
hoping that one day
my boss would hire another to motivate
One could really stimulate
One could could make me say:
"Now THIS is what I call motivation!"
One that could really rock my foundation....
The motivation

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