About how the concept of a helping hand can be misunderstood and lead to so much more. So much beauty, so much intensity.

The Helping Hand

A simple request for assistance
was misunderstood
That wasn't her fault
For how could she understand
that the other one had this
hidden agenda
of alternative motifs?
The request for a Helping Hand
was answered with "Yes, of course"
Before she knew it,
the Helping Hand was 
guided to a place so warm and wet
"Woa," she startled,
"What are you doing now?"
The other replied that she
needed the Helping Hand so badly
Alone was just alone, right?
And so the Helping Hand 
moved and moved
The Helping Hand helped
with every move. 
And by doing so, 
the Helping Hand 
... and ...
The Helping Hand
The Helping Hand

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