A tragedy in four parts.

Last night
it was date night
Sure, she was hella cute
Yes, absolute
The date was a three-part tragedy
Maybe even a dark comedy

Part one

She walked up to the wrong one
and it seemed they were having fun
I'm not the jealous type, but I felt like deserting
This was seriously flirting

I introduced myself as her date
and asked if I was too late
since she already had some fun
with another one

She smiled like a jackass
Well at least she had a cute ass
No, I mean smile!
We talked for a while
Waiting for a free table
She said I looked adorable

Sitting adorable
on the seat of the table
I started small talk
while she looked at the sidewalk
Was there something more interesting?
I finally said nothing

Part two

She started about politics
It turned out she was one of those chicks
who believed my country deserved strong leadership
It sounded like she was talking about dictatorship

Part three

She voted right
and said she would fight
left on any day
I casually looked away
while telling her I voted left
It made her somewhat stressed

The conversation came to a stop
after she told she never visited a bookshop
We ate in awkward silence
and I focused on the rest of the audience

Part four

Was that my ex sitting over there?
What did she do with her hair?
She went to the restroom and I did the same
My date, what was her name?
My date, said it was okay
So I rushed after my ex, the same way

Ten minutes later after intense restroom sex
with my ex
I came back to the table, to find out my date
didn't care to wait
for me
I had to pay for dinner but it was flex
I just had some magnificent sex
with my ex

Fuck my date
with all her hate.
The Date

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