Okay, there are two options. It can go the right way or she can totally freak out. Can’t say, I didn’t warn you.

That moment

That moment
of bestowment
Of your precious gift
When her mind is adrift
Words become guttural sounds
So close to her bounds
She is simply tanking you in advance
It’s like she’s in this trance

Well that moment
of bestowment
Of divine lust
is just
the moment when she will agree to anything
or everything

So, if you’re planning to marry her and you’re afraid
Helping her orgasm is simply the aid
I betcha she will only say “Yes, God, Yes!”
She will confess
that all she ever wants
is your tongue and hands

No guarantee
No possible whoopee
’cause there nis a slight chance she might freak out
Just before she’s about
to give her final shout

Control your anger
if it turns out to be bad advice
To be precise
I’m not a relationship expert
I’m not responsible for your effort
to make her truly yours
I’m just the one who writes away bores
’cause I need an excuse to do my other chores…

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