A lot can happen in ten days.

Ten days

On day one we met
We bumped our head
You were going down the stairs and I went up
I dropped my coffee cup
You said sorry
and offered to buy me coffee

On day two you bought me coffee
It was a sunny day
Just you and me
On a warm day in May

On day three
you made up an excuse just to see me
You bought me coffee
and candy
I loved that

On day four it became obvious
A bit suspicious
Another excuse and another cup of coffee
Were you like really into me?

On day five we had the same class
During the whole day
you followed my ass
But it was okay

On day six, Saturday
you phoned me at the end of the day
We went out that night
It was alright

On day seven, we woke up next to each other
We did not bother
to check what time it was
Checking time seemed like a useless cause

On day eight, I waited for you in the park
You didn't show up, it was getting dark
You stood me up in the park
Did you know I waited untill dark?

On day nine
I was telling myself it was just fine
You needed some space
after your chase

On day ten
Well, then was then
Damn you, day ten!

Let's talk about day ten
You couldn't explain
I know what I saw, it caused pain
It was plain
You were with someone else on day ten
You seemed to enjoy yourself in the rain
With her, another hen

It hurts when you're introduced as friend
to the other girl's girlfriend....

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