I remember Summer…


Do I miss Summer?
Couldn't you ask something more dummer?
Of course I miss Summer

I remember Summer covering me
and I did not disagree
It was just a kiss, right?
It was just some delight

Then summer ended and Summer traded me in
for someone else, it wasn't autumn
Although autumn was just about to begin
I guess there was something more awesome
worth to discover
It left me lonely at the beginning of autumn
It left me with no cover

And Summer, she went away
It was autumn and the wind was getting chilly
One day
I had to grab my coat
And that's the moment I met Lilly

Lilly wasn't like Summer
Lilly was the opposite of her
Suddenly, it became midsummer
in the middle of autumn and she understood my anger
She said letting go of summer is always hard
We sat down in her backyard
and watched the seasons turn
It left me scarred
When I think of Summer, it does still burn...

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