Just stay! Stay another day and then another one…


Don't say
you need to go away
Just stay
Ignore them when they say
it can't be this way

I need skin on skin
I need blissful sin
It's no sin, it's a win

If you don't stay
If you walk away
You can hear them say
that it's a fine day
The day you decide to walk away

I need blissful sin
I need to spin
with adrenalin
That's not sin
That is win

If you decide to stay
you can have more than just your way
You can have me all day
I can be your buffet
So stay

I need to sin
in order to win
I need to win
in order to sin
I need more than your skin
I need your direction

So don't say
you need to go away
Forget what they will say
Just another day
and then, if you stay,
another day
and another day
Please say
you will stay?!

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