The poem “She found God” is about discovery.

She found God

I think
She found God near the kitchen sink
Her butt positioned on the counter
She turned out not only to be an admirer
but also strictly religious
and prodigious
Noting that God was on her side
My fingers deeply inside
She cried
“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!”
Sure enough, she became a real believer
In minutes she turned from a nonbeliever
to a believer
Guiding by head closer and closer
Suddenly the kitchen became an amfitheater
No, better: a cathedral
where this angel
accepted a new religion
In between her words and sighs gasping for oxygen
Until that moment finally arrived
when she dived
into a magnitude of stars and her earth shook
Then that look
Another’s cry
About why
this was so good.

She found God

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