She came back and we had some history together…

She came back

Do you remember that night
I threw a pebble at your window
We almost got into a fight
I didn't say wha was up and ordered you to go
Yes, we had to go!

You stepped out of the window
and told me your parents shouldn't know
about our midnight adventure
The air
was now filled with your sweet perfume
The same I smelled before in the classroom
when you sat down next to me
I said: "Come on, let's flee"

Millions of stars in the night sky
You asked me why
you needed to come with me
But you knew already

Do you remember?
That one star as ember
I made you look at that celestial body
I ordered you to look closely
as I took your virginity
In the end you started to cry
about impossibilities and asked me why
you were supposed to look at the might sky
I told you riding my face and following commands
would lead to something grands
You held my hands
as you felt the explosion
caused by my action

You rewarded me with your warm mouth
way down south
The summer night went from warm to hot
Yes, jackpot!!!!

Sunmer seemed endless
I did end
and as you can understand
I hada hard time when she moved away
to some city on the other side of the country
The city is not important wouldn't know how to pronounce it anyway
She studied there, far away
She seemed to have forgotten about me

She started dating and even got a boyfriend
Yes, unbelievable to understand
A boyfriend!

Studying on the other side of the country
she called me one day
and told me about really losing your virginity
I was blown away

Her boyfriend dumped her after he got her ass
She couldn't study or go to class
I patched her up completely
Then she again left me

She came back once more
It was just like before
Boyfriend broke up after he had her ass
Again no studying, not going to class

That night
we had a fight
We had angry sex, incredibly
But, fuck, so horny!

And she went away
Till last Friday
She stood on my doorstep and asked if there was a way
she could stay...

She came back

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