Ooooh, right, that would be awkwardly… What exactly?

Ooooh, right, that would be awkwardly…

Yeah, I know what it looked like for you
But hey, that's not true
I know, jeans and knickers on my ankles
and a girl moving her head in circles
while she was between my legs
Was it my fault that you wanted to inform about bacon and eggs?
Yes, breakfast was ready
But didn't you knew already
for like years and years I don't eat meat?!
Still you wanted us to eat

It wasn't what you think you saw
She wasn't just eating me raw
No, she helped me, because I had the jitters
That is why both jeans and knickers
where on my ankles
That's why she was moving in circles


Okay! OKAY!
You right, no go away
Didn't you know that you should wait
after knocking, roommate?
Yes, I know my voice was lightweight
when I told you we would be done soon
It was only a small typhoon
And I was really about to be done soon!

So now what, you find this awkward?
That is so absurd
Why is it awkward
when a girl eats me
Remember two weeks ago, what did I see?
You and these guy doing it on the kitchen floor
Who was the whore?
When you you screamed for more and more?!

So would you stop bitchin'
if I promise to use the kitchen
next time a girl wants to go down on me?

Ooooh, right, that would be awkwardly...
Ooooh, right, that would be awkwardly...

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