One big flame. That’s what it was.

One big flame

My voice was raw and hoarse. It didn't sound like my voice. 
I felt that sensation there. Yes there. Right there!
It's not that I had a choice
I was gasping for air
Actually I wanted to tell her about how wonderful it was. Only the sentences were incomplete
This was not tender and sweet
No, to be precise it was just sex
The only question was why was I so complex
I was fucking analyzing everything. Every movement. Everything, in detail
Analyzing everything while she licked my tail
Suddenly, analyzing wasn't an option anymore
All I could beg for was more and more
I closed my eyes and came thunderous and majestic
It was both hectic
as bombastic
God, I was dramatic
Hey, but in a good way, 'cause I came
The end of this game
was one big flame.
One Big Flame

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