This one is about Olive…


Olive was mad as hell
No wonder, she just caught up with reality
Did she curse and yell?
Of course, since reality was ugly

First she made photos of her burning
his stuff - her rage was amazing
Then she told me it was time for her turning
I asked her if she was seriously
She said she wanted to be ruthlessly

So yeah, we shared the bed
She said:
"I'm gonna send photos to this dickhead"
I asked her if this was a goid idea
She assured me
So she took photos of me
while I was doing my activity
She took photos of herself on her way to infinity

After we were done she selected the best ones
She didn't feel bad about her actions
Then I asked her what she saw earlier
Her answer:
"I saw him with another girl, drinking coffee"
That was absurdly
Did she really think he was cheating?
With the two of the meeting?

A few days later I saw her again
She looked like shit there and then
It turned out it was only his cousin
No affection
leading to cheating
Just two family members meeting

I asked her if she regretted us sleeping together
Here was her answer:
"My head
is really filled right now, let's go to bed!"

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