This one is entitled “Monologue about a dog.”

Monologue about a dog

Sheepish look in her eyes, check
Bite or love marks in her neck,
also check
She was waiting for my questions
I decided not to ask about last night’s actions
and I started a light dialogue
about a dog
Suddenly she
interrupted me
and she
started talking enthusiastically
about how she
behaved rather dogishly
How she
went down last night
and licked with all her power and might
She talked and talked about how right
everything was last night
It was all about how and what she gave
and about the heatwave
she got in return
It was all about the burn
and she gave me all the specs
I teased her by asking: “My, my, did you have sex?”
A resounding “Yes” was her reply
It was more like an outcry
In return I just continued my monologue
about the dog….

Monologue about a Dog

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