Two frennemies going further, that’s what this poem is all about.

What the hell was this?
She couldn't stand her
Her presence was enough
To evoke resistance
Raising the hairs on the back of her neck
To have a sharp remark ready
For whenever she was giving her an attitude. 

That night, nothing of the sort.
There in that pool there was nothing noticeable
of any kind of hostility
Unless you consider kisses on someone's neck as such
She let her commit.

Damn, what was wrong with her?
It was almost like she was like candle wax!
Wet as the water in the pool
She longed for more
Even the gentle biting of her, was welcome
It was greeted with moans.

Wait, should she stop?
This was madness!
Monday at school everything was the same again
Then she was the dyke again
and the girl who by now was busy massaging her front,
was the popular girl again.

"Stop," she tried
It was futile
The popular girl saw through it immediately
"Why stop? You want this, don't you?"
Honestly: she wanted it!

She wanted to be pulled by the popular girl
Pulled out of the pool by her hair
Towards the side
Where she had to lick
Just until the popular girl
announced that her train was arriving
An express train
At full speed!

Her turn now!
Standing on the terrace
She cursed herself
That she enjoyed it so much
Just until she saw stars
An explosion of stars.

The popular girl started to laugh
She started crying and said:
"Monday you will be you again and everything will be the same!"
The popular girl looked at her and said:
"Don't be silly, on Monday you'll be my girlfriend!"

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