Come on, let’s masturbate!


In my language I would say:
kun je leren'

Yes, is true
Something you can really do
It's never too late
to masturbate!

So, what's this all about?
It seems that there is so much doubt
When it concerns masturbation
we shut down and deny this action

It's the thing that nobody does
But that's bananas
Because if you say you don't
it actually means you won't
And you know you did!
But God forbid
that others learn about you rubbing one out
with the result: a total blackout
Followed by that wonderful sensation
Yes, it's your own celebration

Parents still tell their kids it's incorrect
They treat it as some sort of defect
Back to learning to masturbate
and how it's not too late
Yes, you can learn to masturbate
Yes, you can learn to rub one out
Silent, without a shout
Just a little growl
as you go wow!

Try it!
Do it!
It will drive away all the troubles and the shit
for just a finger on your clit
or two
that's all ya gotta do!!

Should I tell?
About how I started my day?
Let's say
this day
suddenly became so radiant
and no, not by accident
The day came and so did I
In a way it made me fly

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!!


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