Despite what some would like to tell you, it is. Love sees no colour! It never does. So, how come this is a problem for others?

It can’t, it shouldn’t. At least, that’s what some people think. Not just when it comes to equal love. Why should it matter what the colour is? Love is not guided by this. Never.


Yet it happens. All over the world. Aside from the notion that two women (or men) couldn’t be together, there’s the ongoing debate about whether or not they can be together based on race.

Love and lust

Isn’t it wonderful when it just happens? Love is something magical. And yes, lust can of course be that too. Let’s be honest. Lust is not to be underestimated.

It must change

This poem tells you that it can be done differently. It must change. On the other hand, it’s something that shouldn’t be a problem at all. That was the thought when I wrote this poem. Racism is a dead end and there should be no place for it in this beautiful world!

Love sees no colour

Love sees no colour
Love is multicolour

And for that matter: lust too

It’s true

Love is multicolour
Not just one colour
Not just bicolour
Not just tricolour

Don’t say, it’s a waste
of good taste

Do you know what is bad taste?
It’s being erased
or outcasted
for being contrasted

The tone of skin
is never a sin
The tone of skin
should not be the cause of win
The tone if skin
is never a sin

One, Two, Three!
Love sees no colour: 69 is always fine!
The one with the green hair!
So sweet!


This post was updated on December 7, 2021. The original photos have been replaced by other photos. In addition, the text has been modified. The text of the poem has remained unchanged.

This had everything to do with the new layout of the website. This made some adjustments necessary.

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