It’s hard to look sometimes. Even when she says: “Look at me.”

Look at me

Our staring contest ended abruptly
when she walked over to me
"Do you like anything you see?"
I answered casually
that I was I wasn't able to see
everything clearly
"If you wanna change that, come with me"
I followed her carefully
What was she about to show me?
From there on: one big fantasy
turned into reality
She shouted at me
that I better behave accordingly
I wasn't allowed to close those eyes of me
She wabted to see
how I reached total ecstasy
"Goddamn, look at me!"
How we lay next to each other after that, it was so contrastingly
with all the action that took place previously
She said gently:
"Next time try to do it differently
Try to look at me
Round two came shortly
I again failed miserably
Closing my eyes in the moment of ecstasy
I just said: "Sorry"
She laughed quietly
and said softly:
you'll be looking at me
in your moment of ecstasy"

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