Yeah, let’s talk about seduction!

Seduction is hard to resist
when it's forbidden 
It simply can't be dismissed
It's exciting to explore the hidden

Being seduced is so wonderful 
when you give in to it

Seduction is so wonderful
when you finally allow 
to feel desirable
Yeah, it's simply WOW!

Give in to the excitement
That urge to explore
For a moment, let her be dominant
She's gonna give you everything you adore
(Perhaps more)

When you seduce someone
Yeah let's talk about that!
Not just anyone
A special someone, your favourite
Yes, yes, yes, that's so exciting too!
Also about exploration
I know that's what you want to do
Exploration leads to action
You know...
The action that will make her go WOW!

Wait, we’re not done…

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