You may consider this poem as an instruction manual. Not just for me…

Kiss me

Kiss me on the lips, gently
Kiss me and go from tenderly
to heavily
Invite your tongue in for exploration
I will gladly accept the invitation
My tongue touches yours
Then mine explores
Break off the kiss and look me in the eyes
My best advise:
Turn to my neck and I will ignite
And if you do it right
sucking my earlobe, I will turn insane
Although it will completely fry my brain
I'll fulfill your every wish
I'll eat you out as if you were the richest dish
Make you scream
turn every wet dream,
and even your darkest one, into reality
It will not only be just sexuality
Oh no, it will be spirituality
or whatever label you seem to be fit
Well shit,
if it turns you on, I will beg you to eat me
Can't we agree
that you need to start kissing me?!

Kiss me
Kiss me

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