Yeah… Isn’t that great?!

Isn’t that great?!

Do you know what?
It's not the first time
It happened before

Every time I think how could she do that?
But in the meantime
I can hear her scream for more

Yeah right
She again told me she would end it
After their umpteenth fight
That was just shit

The story is always the same
Just like the second time
I involves me walking to her bedroom door
Asking her to shut it

She excuses herself and then it's back to the game
It's nothing new abs and she told me that
things weren't the same as before

I guess she's feeling sublime
Yeah that is now
That is after their fight

Yeah wow
That's what I hear through the wall
Fucking shit
Slowly she loses it all

Her dumbass boyfriend pounds her like a toy
During this night
she forgets all about their fight
Now it's simply joy

I can hear him making his announcement
That piece of slime
One last compliment
and they're done

In the morning when he's gone
I will find her staring out the window
Sipping her morning coffee
So slow
And me?
I will be asking if she's okay with all of this
She will blow me an air kiss
and tells me everything is okay
What to say?
I said it so many times before
She always goes back to him, asking for more

I wish I could make her crazy
Like he does
But she doesn't want me

I hope for changes
they never come
I hope for her warm body
I want to give her some
of me
Lovin' or just sex
I want him to be her ex

Well, well, isn't that great?!
I'm in love with my roommate.
Isn't that great?!

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