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Being Imaginative

Being Imaginative
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Isn’t it sad?

Isn’t it sad?

Isn’t it sad?

In her bedroom she speaks
about hot,
wild and mad
She squeaks
She peaks
In a way
it's sad
She can only say
those words when her parents are away
Her sweaty body against mine
Then she tells me it's making her mad
I need to tell her it's fine
Do I really need to say
it's okay?
Because it's not
Why can't she just openly say
she's one hundred percent gay?
It's sad
The ones driving her mad
are the ones that say
how much they love them, every damn day
They don't want her to say
anything else - not that she's gay
Not that she's lesbian, no way
Isn't that sad?
God, it even drives me mad!

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