It started with a hike…

In the forest

We layed there
she lay
I sat
She got a green dress
of the grass
I used one hand
to cling to an overhanging branch
The other hand I used to steer her
As if it was necessary
She knew exactly where she wanted to be

Just a few meters from the footpath
through the woods
With those tall and beautiful trees
Normally I would be amazed
about the beautiful scenery
It would be a constant surprise

That moment of surprise had already pased
When she took off her dress
Then her panties
Then her bra

"I'm gonna to lie down," she said
"You're gonna sit down"
I did what I was told
after I got undressed
Refusal was not an option
Actually I already knew
that this walk would end somewhere
I didn't dare to hope
But deep down there was that hope
Next to hope there was lust to be found
An ocean of lust
Untamed lust
She had to tame me
only then did I come (to rest).
In the forest

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