So, what was it exactly? An implosion or an explosion? You will find the answer in this poem.

Implosion or explosion

That slow motion
She takes off her clothes
It causes an implosion
or an explosion
right in your brain and be as close
as a closeup can be
Even closer, because close
is where you need to be
It's a big implosion
a mixed up emotion
As you try to count to three
You lost count after three
As you so willingly
eat her out completely
Then there is no slow motion
Speedy licks
Greedy tricks
You're greedy
and needy
You listen to the sound of her explosion
or implosion
You want this to last forever
But forever is always a never
She says: "God, I needed that!"
Then it's time for your combat
No slow motions
Strong emotions
And at the end of your combat
you will repeat her words: "God, I needed that!"
Implosion or explosion?

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