Let me teach you how to learn Dutch tye right way…

How to learn Dutch the right way…

How to learn Dutch the right way...

here's how to learn Dutch the right way

Whenever you see a cutie you say:
"Hey schatje" if uou you are brave enough
If you're aren't that tough
you can always say "Hoi" instead

There's a possibility
you will have to tell her to eat you out
So if you want to experience total divinity
all have to do is shout
"Ik wil dat je me beft" is her go-ahead
In no time you can see how her head
moves between your legs and gives you
what you want to
If you want to return the favor, which you do,
you will tell her: "Nu is het mijn beurt" and off you go
If she asks you to go"sneller" it means you're slow

When she says: "Neuk me met je vingers" it's okay
to use your fingers in a way
that will drive her madly
Her words "Dankjewel" is her way to thank you gladly

"Ik ga komen" means she's on the brink
of orgasm, no need to stop and think
Just let her do her thing,
words such as "Godverdomme" (Goddamn)
or "verdomme" (damn)
She might even become religious
when she screams words so prodigious
Like"Oh Jezus" (Oh Jesus)
These words don't come from an actress
No acting in words she uses to express
this success

Be careful when she says words such as
"Shit, volgens mij ben ik ongesteld", because what she then says
is that she's having her period and then miss
you're about to experience a Rainbow Kiss.
How to learn Dutch the right way…

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