It can happen. Losing your g-string in the library…

Her g-string

Her g-string

It was past noon
Another afternoon
in the library
I could smell the scent of strawberry
It was her perfume as she walked by
Sunlight in her hair and I
couldn't stop staring
Inside I was swearing
I was looking for ways to concentrate
Too late
It did not work at all
In my mind I pinned her to the wall

She searched for some book
Wait, did she look?
Did she look at me?

I suddently felt the need 
to eat
Not food, 
she was just as good
to eat
I needed to eat
I wanted to give her something bittersweet

Suddenly she stood in front of me and said:
"You must not think of me as a blonde egghead, 
but where is the poetry section?"
Oh God, even her question
was pure perfection! 

I wanted her and her perfection!
Instead, I led her to the poetry section
"Were you looking for something special?" I asked
She said "Yes" really fast
It turned out that she was looking for some erotically tinted poetry

Wait, did she just look at me
in that certain way?
I looked away
pretented to search for something

"Another special preference for erotic words?" I asked somewhat uncertainly
She said: "Certainly!"
It appeared it was girl on girly
By now I was so insecurely
It was almost pathetic
I tried to act casual
It didn't work at all

Let's just say, 
that day
we didn't find what we searched for
But we found other things to adore
Between the bookcases and while no one saw anything
we had this fling

As we walked out of the library, 
her commentary: 
"Oh God, I think I forgot my g-string!"

Her g-string

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