Sometimes a friendship can become more than a friendship.

Her friend Joyce

"I think I'm in love," she said with a soft voice
Her friend Joyce,
didn't quit understand why she spoke like that
The last time it was more like rat-a-tat-tat
When she said she had the hots for this guy
This time it felt different, but why?
Still, she casually asked: "Who's the guy?"
This made Joyce sigh
"No guy..."
Thoughts raced through her head, was she bi?
Quickly she recovered and asked: "No guy?"
Another sigh
"No guy"
Ok, her friend was bi
So that's why
she asked another question: "Who's the lucky one?"
Joyce described her and when she was done
She realised: "Fuck! That's me!"
Something she did not foresee
Still, she had to be sure, so: "Wait, you talking about me?"
Joyce nodded softly
The thought itself wasn't that awfully
She always had been curiously
to find out what it's like
when two girls dyke....

Oh later that night, she found out
By then there was no doubt:
It was the best she'd ever had
Better than with any lad!!!
Her friend Joyce

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