You decide.. what’s fiction and what’s not…


It was so clear to see
that this was her first time there
She laughed nervously
as two girls caught her

They behaved like lionesses
on the hunt for prey
Carefully waving their dresses
and blocking her way

I think they could smell her cunt
The only thing missing was drool
Then I interrupted their hunt
I told the girl everything was cool

"New here, I guess?"
She nodded and played with her dress
I told her the other two were just one big mess

I told her to stay with me that night
She followed me around
We saw girls kiss and other girls fight
I think she was pretty much astound

Then we looked for a quiet place
With my hands in her drawers
she slowly fell from grace
My touch opened doors

She fell into my arms as soon as she was done
As she ran on excitement and adrenaline
she had no problems with me
Oh she was a fast learner with the right esprit

But suddenly
the two lionesses appeared out of nowhere
They were just there
Asking me and their little prey
of they could join our play
By now this girl turned completely gay
and I heard her say:
"God yes, come and play!"

Who was I to refuse this honey her kink?
Well let me think
it wasn't me
All I could do was to agree

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