Oh, I just forgot what it was all about. The quarrel we were having.

Forgot what it was all about

We didn't made it very far that night
The bed was like just upstairs
The couch, however, was downstairs
It was strange, 'cause we were actually in a fight
Well, a pointless discussion, but who cares?

Full of aggression we ripped each other's clothes off
In between kisses we argued some more
Normally, it's such a turnoff
when she doesn't bother kicking off
her shoes, but now it didn't matter anymore

Didn't make love, no this was animal like
I was the first to strike
Shutting her by a blow on her tush
while diving into her butterfly bush
She grabbed my braids
and ordered me to cut the sharades
Literally she said: "Here, you whore
gimme more!"
I did gave her more
Even an encore

Did she do me?
Oh yes, definitely
Did we settle the quarrel?
No clue, I know that all the oral
made us forget what we argued about
After my final shout
I forgot what it was all about.
Forgot what it's all about

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