Let’s start our foreplay in the shower…

Let’s start our foreplay in the shower

The game
is always the same
Action hero with some fame
or a knight with a complicated name
rescues a girl in a pretty dress
or some locked away princess

James Bond
fucks a blonde
and saves her and the world too
Because that is all he can do

What if James is a Jamie?
Or an Amy?
Would Jamie or Amy Bond
still fuck a blonde
and rescue the world too?
Is that something she can do?

What if the knight recues the locked away princess
or the action hero saves the girl in the pretty dress?
What if the action hero or knight isn't man
but a woman?

Yeah, that would be surprising
and amazing!

...Anyway, Jamie
or Amy....
Why don't you use your super power
and start our foreplay in the shower....
Foreplay in the shower

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