That short moment in the elevator….


Office hours were coming to an end
Colleagues walked past one by one
A friendly nod,
sometimes a greeting
I had something to finish
but it was already finished
Hours ago to be exact
In reality I was waiting
She wasn't ready yet

I packed my things
There was no point in procrastinating
Besides, it would be just a short moment
Together in the elevator
Where would I smell her perfume
My mind wandered off
In the meantime I did my best
not to be a tool

This time it took too long
I pressed the button on the elevator
Suddenly her voice
"Are you going without me?"
We got in and I fervently hoped
that the elevator would stop
That we'd be caught
between floors in
Where would I set her free
But no, the doors opened

Tomorrow another chance
Maybe the elevator would really stop then...
Like for hours and hours ...

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