A story about eight girls

Eight girls

Eight girls were drinking
Seven girls were singing
One remained silent

The one who was silent started thinking
Why she wasn't swinging
It was no accident

Seven girls were singing
and drinking
One was just thinking
For her singing was unthinking

While one remained silent
(Not by accident)
Seven girls sang about how awesome
it was to drink cum

One remained silent, while others fantasized
about something that symbolized
what the silent one didn't was
she did feel the need to drink cum
She preferred to stick with rum

Finally the seven singers realized
that the other one fantasized
about other ways to have sex
So they paid her their respects

Seven girls sang about the one that was silent
(Not by accident)
They sang about her need for some pussycat
(Not the real cat)

Five girls were drinking
Two girls went away together
All this singing
made one girl thinking
about a different adventure

Five girls were drinking
Two girls were banging
All because one was curious
to find out what was so fabulous
about girl on girl action
Afterwards her reaction,
wasn't that innocent:
"God, this was magnificent!"

The end...

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