Easter it doesn’t do much for me …

Easter doesn’t do much for me

It's funny
but I didn't see an Easter bunny
I praised Jesus
and as a bonus
I even thanked the highest divinity
with all my ability

That was Easter for me
But I have to agree
there was nothing religious about it
It was 'just' her mouth on my clit
and my mouth on her clit
'Just' eating a slit
If you insist, I will admit
It was religious in a way
Because some would say
religion is devotion
based on emotion
This was emotion
This was absolution
Let's just say,
this was our contribution
for this day!

It wasn't 'just okay'
No way!!!
It was divinity,
combined with a spark of brutality
and sensuality

Yeah, you could also say it was sexuality...

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