Yep, I’m going straight to hell. No doubt.

Danielle (straight to hell)

I'm going to hell
A one way ticket, you can count on it!
Ah well,
at least my sweet seduction was a hit
There was no doubt, I could tell
how much she loved it!

She kept on thanking me for it
With each and every yell
she not only asked me not to quit
She sure as hell
thanked me for it

So, you ask me: "Why hell?"
Why should I count on it
that I'm going straight to hell?
Well, when I was under her blanket
making her yell
I could hear a loud male voice saying: "What's this shit?"
Followed by "What the hell, Danielle, what the hell?"
I looked up from under the blanket
and said somewhat haughty: "I'm just licking her clit"

The male voice now began to yell
So, I thought I might as well quit
It turned out Danielle
was his fiance of him, who cursed us both to hell

I couldn't just split
and leave Danielle
with this Mister raising hell
So, I said to her: "Pack your shit"

And now Danielle
is in my bed sleeping -- seriously, shit?!
She's sleeping in my bed, what the hell?!
I guess the marriage is off for Danielle
So, me homewrecker.... I'm going straight to hell

The question is: What the hell?
What to do with sleeping Danielle?
A fuck this shit
as I'm already going to hell
I might was well
wake her by eating her clit!

Wait, was that too explicit?
Well fuck that shit!
Allow me to wake up Danielle
and give us both what we need, before we have to dwell
for all eternity, in hell...
Danielle (Straight to Hell)

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