Definitely, camping is so much fun! In this case, maybe not at first… Well, for her then. Eventually…

Just so you know:
Being straight
doesn't mean
that you can be mercilessly loud
screaming for more
while pushing her down
Doing that makes people asks questions
about you not being so straight
It doesn't really help
when you subsequently,
in an act of desperation,
choose to be fucked
skewered by two tipsy boys
while filled up with alcohol
With your fake orgasms
Which were loudly audible across the
We actually had a pretty good laugh about it
At first ot made her laugh too
Then it made her cry
You know, the one whose heart you broke
No worries
She broke in a positive way
A real orgasm
On top of my face
Truly happy!

Camping is so much fun!

Once again, it was hard to decide which image to useā€¦

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