We waited until the cake was ready…


We were supposed to bake a cake
Suddenly there was this earthquake
Well it felt like the earth was shaking
It was breathtaking
She had this appetite
First I just thought she wanted a bite
The next moment she was ready to dine
Telling me: "You will me mine!"
I suppose I was, because I screamed her name
as she played me like this boardgame
Forward, stop, forward, stop, forward!!
Just after another swearword
because her fingers went in so deep
there was this beep
"Sorry bae," she said while kissing my belly
"Cake's ready"
I was like: "What?"
while slapping her butt
She totally ignored that
little brat
"Wanna have some cake with me?"
I just said "We'll see.."
Not soon after she was eating cake
trying not to shake
I was eating her out
When she was 'bout
to reach her destination,
I just stopped my action
Telling her: "Okay, I'll have some cake now!"
Yeah like wow,
it was chocolate cake
Then another earthquake
as I ate cake
and I was eaten out
Hey, it's not easy eating cake
when all you wanna do is shout!

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