It’s time for another fairytale…

Another fairytale

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away
it turned out to be a magical day
The princess ran away
She could not stay
Her father decided she was to marry the next day

She met a Amazon so sturdy
This Amazon was so amazingly
She had warm lips to kiss
The right fingers to touch her clitoris
And when she used her mouth all she could do
was to scream: "I love you!"

With her mouth on her clitoris
and fingers stimulating, she fell down the abyss
Yeah, you could say
that from that day
the princess lived happily after
especially when the Amazon's answer
was "I love you too!"

It was just the right rescue
And all the princess could do
was to thank her Amazon afterwards
Up against the cupboards
On the kitchen table
It was both brutal
as magical...
Another Fairytale

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