Apparently, some things are illegal…

Acid Trip

She told me about the sky
It was chanting her to fly
Don't worry, she didn't jump out of the window
She tried to airflow
by jumping of the bench in the park

It was late, it was getting dark
Suddenly, bright, bright stars appeared
I cheered
as the stars turned into angels so beautiful
I asked for their approval
to make love to her underneath the tree
I stood against the bark and could see
how she went down on me

Meanwhile I tried talking to angel
but my sentences were full of shit
Each amd every sentence ended with the world clit
Yet, for me it was totally acceptable

What I did care about were the demons
Or were they aliens?
Some would say cops or coppers

Apparently it's illegal to have sex after dark
in the park
Apparently I didn't understand cause I started to flip
Mostly because of my acid trip...
Acid Trip

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