Who am I? 
I could be your friend, your girlfriend. I could be your enemy. I could be your sister … or doin’ your sister! I could be your muse. 

I could be anyone, anything. The matter of the fact is: I’m just Elodie. 

I create… that’s what I do. 

The website you’re visiting right now is the result of my thoughts, my fantasies and my creativity. Yes, this creativity leans towards something that not everyone wants to see or read (about). 

Who am I?
The Netherlands (aka Holland)
Studying, working
Sexual preference
Interested in

The answer is easy: because I can!

Why shouldn’t I?

Okay, but who?

In case you’ve missed the logo: this website is maintained by Elodie. There was a time I did this together with others. I decided to focus more on my own work. But this doesn’t mean that I can’t do something for you! 

In case you’re trying to find a photograph of me or more details about me: theses things aren’t present here. This website is all about my artwork. 

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So, why no personal information about me? There are a few reasons for that. First: my personal life is different than most others. This has to do with acceptance. Second: I think the focus needs to be on the creativity.