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About the flower and the bee

During the cold winter, the seed waited patiently
The thoughts of spiring were reason to constantly
It was all so exciting
What if the sun wasn't shining?
What if the seed did not bloom?
And if the bee didn't like her sweet smelling perfume?
The colours, what if they were different?
Would the bee be indifferent?
So many questions came to mind
All together combined
they made the seed so unsure
Spring came and she rose above the moor
Oh she was beautiful
Oh she was sensational

A bee flew back and forth
From south to north
From east to west
Oh, wasn't this bee the best?

Then one day it happened, in the afternoon
The bee had been waiting since noon
Sweet talking her in a way
Oh she melted away
He entered her and had his way
By the end of the day
he got what he came for and told her it was good
What happened to her mood?
Why wasn't she enlightened?
Was she too excited?

The next day the bee came back for more
This encore
just left her with more questions than before
The bee had his fun, she not so much, what was wrong?
True, the bee was nice and strong
Forcing himself deep inside
But he lied
when he promised her to be his bride

Days went by and there I was
I plucked her and put her in a vase
I talked gently
Spoke about love eventually
All she kept saying was she wasn't sure
Yes, she was so unsure

Finally she withered, this flower
She just lost the power
to hear my words about her beauty
and about her perfume so fruity

Devastated I was
I picked her up from the vase
I put her to dry
and started to cry

I promised myself next winter I would talk
to the seeds in the ground and tell the whole flock
about bees not always being gently
or softly
About how they can be greedy
Also, I promised to tell them about their beauty
Advise them to keep away from bees moody
and just out to score
more and more

That's all I could do
That's why I'm telling you
Fairytales and magic can be true
and sometimes they simply do not
And yes, that hurts a lot!
About the flower and the bee

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