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Consider this website as my digital playground. Since you learn more about this digital playground on the about page of this website, it’s more than fair that you learn more about me, right? Well, here comes the tricky part. I don’t like to talk about me. Well, in one-on-one conversations I do. Not on a page that’s part of a website. Not even my own website. God, the idea!

The page isn’t new. It has been around for quite some time now and everytime I take a look at the website stats, I am surprised that people took the time to visit this page. Wasn’t the page with the info about the website itself enough? I know, it’s probably my fault. I created this page.

All this talk and so little information…

What’s there to say? My name is Elodie and I live in The Netherlands. That’s a small country near the sea. You might know this country from windmills, tulips and weed. And yes, there’s Amsterdam.

There was a time when life was just so simple. I could write about my life as a student. Nowadays I can’t do that anymore. Now it has become an adult life. I grew up and so did the world around me. Suddenly it was 2022 and I was suddenly 23 years old. I had graduated and worked in a law firm. That’s why you don’t see any pictures of me. There are, of course, good reasons for this. My life, my privacy. Is that allowed? I don’t really care what you think about that. Those are my conscious choices.

The L

You can’t have missed it, but the L in the abbreviation LGBTQIA+ plays an important role. In other words, lesbian.

In other words, I’m a carpet muncher, a dyke, a lipstik lesbian, Kiki, a muff-diver, Kitty puncher… or whatever you want to use. Or just what it is: I am someone who falls in love with girls / women. Or I sleep with them. That is not a crime. That is not a reason for hate. That is not a reason for violence. Never, ever.

Being Imaginative is my project. My digital playground. My project. Support me, by becoming a paid member. So I can continue to do what I do.



What I like

Strawberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate – lots of chocolate, pizza, apples… sex… chocolate, cream puffs, spinach, soup… sex, vegan liquorice, chocolate milk, sex…

Oh, or did you want to know what I loved on a deeper level than just things that make you happy in a physical way?

Are we really going to be philosophical now? Good. Well, just look at this video clip. That’s a good starting point. This message. The underlying message.

That Hayley Kiyoko clip says it all, doesn’t it? Fighting for something. I love that. Go for something. Go for her. Then it doesn’t even have to be a situation in which he treats him badly. Or a situation where you seduce her. No, it’s about standing up for who you are, what you are. I love that. And when she stands for that, that can be so very cool.

It did bother her

What I want

Well, basically just having a series of orgasms.

That probably wasn’t what you meant… Or maybe that wasn’t what I meant…

What I meant anyway: I would like to see this website become an even bigger success when we talk about this website. That I can finally say that I can say goodbye to my job and focus completely on this. That I can offer you all kinds of content that is original enough. That I can fully focus on writing, creating creations and much more. It just requires more money. Things like this aren’t free, unfortunately.

A good step by signing up for a paid membership. Even better is by making a donation. Please contact us for instructions on how to make a donation.

Can she sing?


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