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Being Imaginative

Being Imaginative

About Elodie

This website is my digital playground. The story behind this website can be found on this page. So, it’s time to talk about Elodie. Talk about me..


About me

Of course, I could start a whole story as if I were writing about someone else. I can do that very well. I can describe you in detail. I am bad at that about myself. That’s not good quality. You should also be able to sell yourself. Even in or with words.

There is a chance you won’t find it interesting anyway! Why on Earth did you even end up in this part of the website anyway? I thought this part was located in the quiet, somewhat run-down part of the website. You know, that one alleyway where you don’t want to walk at night and looks very normal during the day.

No, that’s nice. Writing about yourself that you can be compared to that alley where you don’t go at night. It’s going great!

Three paragraphs further and you don’t know anything yet!

All right then! My name is Elodie, I live in the Netherlands and when I’m not studying I work. Or when I’m not working, I’m studying. I choose to keep myself in the dark and observe certain anonymity. I do that for good reasons. I’m not going to elaborate on that, even if you contact me about it. Trust me, the reasons are important and legitimate to me. Shall we stick to that?

What am I studying then? Oh, I’m almost done with college. Then I have to think about what I want to do with my life.


You can’t have missed it. This website is LGBTQIA+ friendly. More than that, I think. With the focus on the first letter (L). Indeed, lesbian…

Lesbian, dyke, queer… whatever. I came out when I was sixteen years old. It didn’t go well… I hope others don’t feel that pain.

Being Imaginative is my LGBTQIA+ website. My digital playground. Sometimes naughty, sometimes sad, sometimes cheerful and everything in between.

I hope you’re having a good time here!