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Being Imaginative

Being Imaginative

About Being Imaginative

The beginning...

It all started with a single post on Instagram. Combining an edited image with poetry. Being Imaginative started. At first, the website was created using a free WordPress account. Unfortunately, not everything is allowed on these free accounts. Therefore, a proper website was set up. That was in 2019. From there on the website became more and more the digital playground of Elodie.

What is Being Imaginative?

Nothing more than what the words mean: to be imaginative. Maybe you could also replace imaginative with something like creativity. Being creative is not a good name. I am creative, but you should certainly not underestimate the fantasy part.

So let’s just stick with Being Imaginative?

Elodie, that’s me!

You can read more about me (Elodie) on this page. The website shows everything I want to show you. My deepest thoughts, my fantasies and my desires. It’s all there. Some words are derived from scenes of my own life and some aren’t. Hey, let’s keep it a mystery what’s what.

The images on this website are not suitable for everyone. Not everyone wants to see these images. If you don’t want to see them, there is only one option: go to another website!

If you want to conclude what you read or see, that’s up to you. I’m not drawing any conclusions.


Do you want to join?

I am regularly asked if people can participate in this website. The best idea I have not received so far. So I don’t go further than guest contributions in the form of images and texts. If you have a better idea than that, let me know!

Kiss me

The focus is on...

In case it’s not clear yet: Being Imaginative is aimed at the LGBTQIA+ Community. In particular the first letter; Lesbian. Yes, what can I say about that? The fact that I present a website with the emphasis on the letter L says enough, I think!

Suggestions & feedback

Now I could write that all your suggestions and feedback are welcome. This opens the door to responses I don’t want to receive. I don’t want to receive every response. Do you understand? I think so! I’m not going to bore you with the dos and don’ts. That’s something you notice… or not…